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East Coast Highway Maintenance Corporation (ECHMC) provides all of the services necessary to qualify your company or organization to sponsor the litter removal on state highways.

ECHMC has been with the New York State Program since 1998. Our company and crew are based on Long Island, and we routinely patrol the areas we maintain. We have contracted with numerous New York/Long Island and Westchester Companies. ECHMC handles all the aspects of the Sponsor process for your company or organization. ECHMC handles all of the sign detail and the maintenance work within your sponsored area.

For the most current information on pricing and available locations, please contact:

General Information - 1-888-284-8438
email -

East Coast Highway Maintenance Corporation
5 Cove Road
Southampton, N.Y. 11968

Sponsor-A-Highway Program Overview
Sponsor a one mile segment for one or more years (see Roadways)
Areas are cleaned and maintained on a weekly basis
The sign is placed at the beginning of the Sponsored segment mile
The sign is 6' x 4' and includes a 5' x 1.5' recognition panel which will display your company name, logo and colors 


Our Commitment

We work with the sponsor from the beginning, from choosing the section of roadway you will sponsor to designing your sign. We meet all of our sponsors face to face so we can get a better understanding of your needs. Our committment is true and we stand by our actions to please all of our sponsors.

We are out on the roadways each and every day inspecting, cleaning, & looking for available sections for our sponsors. Being a local company, we know Long Island and Westchester roadways and traffic volumes. If there is a problem with your sign, we will identify and fix that problem quickly.


Q. Why are your costs so much lower than competitors?
A. We're a small, Long Island based company with low overhead. The fact that we're small and locally owned allows us to provide an excellent service while keeping our prices low.

Q. Is your company qualified to perform this work?
A. NYSDOT has regulations that contractors like us have to follow. These regulations include requirements for liability, workmans comp, auto insurance, vehicles equipt with emergency lights, first aid kits, hard hats and protective gear. Our workers are educated in first aid and CPR to protect themselves and the driving public.

Q. What fees are associated with my sponsorship?
A. Contact Us to inquire about fees and payment options.

Q. Is the price of the sign included in the sign up fee?
A. Yes.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. Yes, the NYSDOT requires a signed contract covering a one or two year period.

Q. Can I have more than one sign on a one mile section?
A. No, NYSDOT only allows one sign to be placed on each one mile section.

Q. Can I sponsor more than one one mile section? Is there a limit?
A. Yes, you can sponsor more than one one mile section, and there is no limit to how many you can sponsor. Some companies on Long Island are sponsoring three or four one mile sections.

Q. How many times is the mile cleaned?
A. Cleaning frequency depends on the NYSDOT guidelines for a particular section of road. Frequency varies from 2 to 4 times per month.

Q. Who makes the sign and what can we put on it?
A. Our sign shop will design the sign with your desired message. Phone numbers and addresses are not allowed on the signs.

Q. How long does it take for a new sign to be installed?
A. It typically takes less than six weeks from when a contract is signed for your sign to be installed. We contract with the NYSDOT to install your sign, so installation times will vary depending on their schedule.

Q. How many people will see my sign?
A. It depends on the location. Your sign will be seen by the driving public 24/7. At your request, we can provide traffic monitoring services for the section of road you are interested in sponsoring to determine the traffic volume.















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